Secrets beneath the Moon’s surface

A landscape of craters and volcanic plains hides a molten core, numerous moonquakes, and keys to the still-mysterious lunar history.

Web Extra: A giant leap toward understanding the Moon

Our next-door neighbor began to reveal many of its secrets 4 decades ago when astronauts first ventured beyond the control of Earth’s gravity.

The Crab Nebula’s everlasting mystery

Since A.D. 1054, when its light first reached Earth as a supernova, the Crab Nebula has remained an enigma. Here’s how astronomers presently understand this strange system.

Web Extra: Go beyond the Crab

Even though its eccentricities make M1 a worthwhile target, there’s plenty of other “exploded stars” out there to observe.

How a Nashville boy changed the universe

Edward Emerson Barnard’s discoveries encompass comets, dark nebulae, and Jupiter’s fifth moon. Although he started in poverty, he rose to the top of the scientific world.

Web Extra: Images from a great astronomer’s life

Browse more than 50 images from the life and times of Edward Emerson Barnard.

Roam the majestic Virgo cluster of galaxies

Within a small region of the celestial sphere, you can enjoy many of the sky’s top galaxies.

Piggyback astroimaging

Let a telescope take your camera for a ride and capture amazing sky vistas.

Web Extra: How to capture sky images with a camera and tripod

With a simple camera-on-tripod setup, you’ll be taking great astrophotos in no time.

Farpoint’s small refractor delivers big results

This new 4-inch telescope combines superb optical quality, easy portability, and lots of accessories.

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