Understanding antimatter

All matter and antimatter should have annihilated each other early in the universe’s history. So, what allowed matter to survive?

Web Extra: Trapping antimatter

CERN scientists have produced and captured antihydrogen atoms.

Storm warning

From Mars’ tenuous carbon dioxide atmosphere to Jupiter’s hydrogen-rich envelope, the solar system’s worlds provide an often-bewildering array of planetary weather.

Web Extra: A pair of planetary conundrums

Some scientists think acid rain may not be the oddest form of precipitation on Venus. And on Saturn, researchers can’t measure precise wind speeds because they don’t know how fast the planet rotates.

What happened to science education?

Test scores are down, ignorance is rampant, disinformation is everywhere, and nobody seems to care.

Web Extra: Astronomy’s favorite equations

Be they useful, powerful, or beautiful, these relationships represent a few of our favorite things about science.

Join the Astronomical League’s observing clubs

Become a better observer by taking carefully planned tours of the sky.

Why teens should care about astronomy

Fourteen-year-old Ayla Besemer explains why she likes astronomy and why other kids should, too.

Web Extra: How the staff got into astronomy

What initiated the magazine staff’s interest in space and astronomy?

40 cosmic questions and answers

These quick takes will help you along your astronomical journey.

Web Extra: More questions readers want answered

You’ll impress family and amateur astronomers alike with your knowledge of these astronomical concepts.

Web Extra – Even more questions for a cloudy night

These 50 queries will test your knowledge of astronomy trivia.

There’s an astro app for that

Star charts, observing guides, games, and more can turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into your best buddy.

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