Bonus Poster: Axel Mellinger’s Milky Way mosaic

An amateur astronomer captures our galaxy in glorious detail.

Exploring the galaxy-black hole connection

Every large galaxy seems to have a supermassive black hole at its heart. Yet no one knows exactly how they feed off each other.

Web extra: Peering into the cosmic web

Scientists use computers to simulate the structure and evolution of our universe.

The new search for life in the universe

Astrobiologist Christopher Chyba tells the inside story of how astronomers are searching for other life.

Web extra: Life at the extremes

If the organisms that scientists have found at Earth’s extremes are any indication, life on other worlds could be pretty weird.

Galaxies near the dawn of time

The Hubble Space Telescope’s latest and greatest deep-field image uncovers a population of compact and ultra-blue galaxies more than 13 billion light-years from Earth.

Web extra: Hubble probes the distant universe

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2009 is just the latest in a series of penetrating observations of the cosmos made with the Hubble Space Telescope during the past 15 years.

Target 30 obscure celestial gems

This list of faint, fainter, and faintest deep-sky targets will take your observing skills to the next level.

Web extra: 30 obscure celestial gems — the details

Here are the “where,” “how bright,” and “how big” for 30 little known telescope targets.

10 top summer binocular treats

You won’t need a large telescope to spot these celestial wonders.

Web extra: Seek out these summer gems

Explore more images of Phil Harrington’s top 10 summer binocular treats.

Fun observing the Sun

Double your observing time by targeting our daytime star.

Web extra: How to observe the Sun

This previous Astronomy story is a primer on solar features.

Vixen’s new refractor outperforms its specs

The AX103S APO MAX offers fine craftsmanship and superb optics in a small package.


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