Top 10 stories of 2009

Cosmologists found more evidence of dark energy, astronauts returned Hubble to prime condition, astronomers photographed worlds beyond our solar system, and more.

Web extra: The year’s big stories

You’ve read the top 10, now here are 11 through 15.

How astronomers probe weather on exoplanets

By plugging their latest findings into Earth’s climate patterns, astronomers can approximate the weather on distant worlds.

Web extra: Watch exoplanet HD 189733b in action

Astronomers have been able to map the surface of this extrasolar world.

Illustrated: Explore our neighborhood of galaxies

Some 50 galaxies crowd around the Milky Way. Astronomers call them the Local Group.

10 tips for Moon watchers

Mountain ranges, vast volcanic plains, and more than 1,500 named craters make the Moon a target you’ll return to again and again.

Web extra: Name that crater

These six maps will get you started observing the Moon.

How to start a meteorite collection

Learn Contributing Editor Raymond Shubinski’s two main tenets of meteorite collecting, and meet some of the dealers he trusts.

Web extra: What’s that meteorite?

This quick guide will help you understand meteorite classifications.

Dancing with the galaxies

Target these dozen galaxies with a modest-sized telescope, and you’ll find that the Whirlpool is just one shining example of close galaxy pairs.

Explore Scientific’s 5-inch APO combines portability and power

High-quality optics and craftsmanship make this a telescope you’ll be proud to own.


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