What do we really know about dark matter?

Some type of mysterious, invisible mass holds the universe together. Here’s how scientists are searching for it.

Astronomy: the next generation

Beyond 2020, telescopes will be huge, cost-effective, and easy to service – even the ones in space.

Web extra: Leading Altair to the Moon

One of the tools that will help guide Altair is the Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) project.

How an amateur changed stellar astrophysics

Thanks to Jay McNeil’s discovery, we may soon know what feeds X-ray outbursts from young stars.

Web extra: Zoom in on McNeil’s Nebula

This animation will give you a close-up look at the 2004 outburst of the young star V1647 Orionis and McNeil’s Nebula.

Watch as galaxies collide

Even at vast distances, galaxies twist and distort each other into weird shapes. Target these 10 fascinating extragalactic train wrecks.

Web extra: The “second 10” interacting galaxies

Check out these 10 additional galactic train wrecks.

Face to face with the century’s longest eclipse

As the Sun and Moon aligned over Asia, daytime turned to night, and millions witnessed nature’s grandest spectacle.

Web extra: Michael Bakich goes to China

One of Astronomy’s senior editors shares images from his trip.


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