Are super-sized Earths the new frontier?

Astronomers are starting to find exoplanets not much bigger than Earth. Some scientists think these worlds could be more hospitable to life than our planet.

Web extra: The search for exoplanets

Astronomy Contributing Editor Ray Jayawardhana explains how astronomers hunt for worlds beyond our own.

Are these space rock from Mercury?

Angrite meteorites, rare and ancient, date to the birth of the solar system. Did a large asteroid give birth to them — or did they come from the innermost planet?

Web extra: Meteorites and meteorwrongs

How can you tell a real meteorite from ordinary rocks?

How scientists discovered a solar system “superhighway”

By riding planetary gravity, spacecraft can explore the solar system without using fuel.

Web extra: Take a trip on the interplanetary superhighway

Here’s how to transport a large space telescope far into space using virtually no fuel.

Illustrated: Inside Earth’s magnetic shield

An invisible structure protects Earth from all but the Sun’s worst outbursts. Scientists are starting to understand how it works.

The northern sky’s top 10 galaxies

All you’ll need is a dark sky and a small telescope to see these galactic gems.

Where the northern lights dance

In Tromsø, Norway, pristine fjords and rugged mountains frame some of the greatest auroral shows on Earth.

Web extra: The northern lights over Norway

More spectacular examples of Hinrich Bäsemann’s auroral photography.

How to shoot stars with a webcam

A small, inexpensive video camera offers surprisingly good results when imaging stars.

Web extra: Stars for all seasons

Fred Ringwald shares 20 more images shot with a webcam.

Vixen’s giant binoculars among largest sold

Use the BT-125-A, and you’ll know why many observers love large binoculars.


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