Are we looking for life in the right places?

For years, astrobiologists have looked for life on other worlds by “following the water.” But could other substances hold the key?

Web extra: Europe heads for Mars

A consortium of European nations will launch a probe in 2013 to search for life on Mars.

The life and death of super suns

Wolf-Rayet stars are big, hot, and bright, spewing gas and dust in all directions. Understanding how they die could help solve the mystery of what triggers the universe’s biggest blasts.

Web extra: Interferometry 101

Astronomers enjoy incredibly detailed views of distant objects with a technique for turning one telescope into many.

Did ancient astronomers build Stonehenge?

The driving force behind the building of Stonehenge was more theater than science.

Web extra: Time management

Monuments like Stonehenge were ancient efforts to grapple with the nature of time. But how well do we understand this enigmatic dimension today?

Observing the way it was meant to be

What we saw through a 30-inch telescope under an inky black sky blew our minds.

Web extra: Arizona Sky Village

Senior Editor Michael Bakich takes you on a tour of a stargazer’s paradise in the American Southwest.

Get ready for summer’s total solar eclipse

On August 1, the Moon will cover the Sun’s face for a fortunate few.

Web extra: Summer sky treats

Here’s how to find some of summer’s brightest objects.

Find your way through the summer sky

Fill your summer nights exploring easy-to-find constellations, bright stars, and the Milky Way.


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