What secrets lurk in the brightest galaxies?

Violent, erratic behavior powers jets within blazars, the most manic galaxies.

Raising the curtain on extreme stars

Superdense neutron stars show astronomers exotic worlds of pressure, magnetism, and gravity.

Online extra: Supernova simulations reveal new processes

Computer simulations provide unique insights into how stars explode.

What makes stars explode?

Sound waves in collapsing stars may produce supernova explosions.

Online extra: Merging neutron stars make ultra-strong magnetic fields

For the first time, simulations track intensified magnetic fields as neutron stars merge.

The Livio Code

Astronomer Mario Livio believes symmetry rules the universe – from shapes of planetary nebulae to the complexities of the multiverse.

Touchdowns on other worlds

Thirty-nine spacecraft have returned data from 6 worlds.

See winter’s best planetary nebulae

These easy-to-observe objects offer a variety of smoke rings, spheres, and colored disks.

Online extra: Cold weather observing

Use these precautions to make your winter observing safe and productive.

How to choose a Hydrogen alpha filter

Add one of these filters to your observing kit, and you’ll see the Sun in a whole new light.

Online extra: Seeing the Sun in a new light

A Hydrogen-alpha filter will give you a new perspective on our daytime star.

How to search for supernovae

Amateur astronomers are finding more supernovae than ever. Follow these tips and join the hunt.

Attend an Internet star party

Online astronomy groups let amateurs discuss observing, equipment, and the day”s hottest issues.

Online extra: Real-time talking

Internet Relay Chat brings amateur astronomers from around the globe together to talk turkey about their passion.

Celestron’s new Schmidt-Cassegrain

This new 6-inch telescope offers high-quality Schmidt-Cassegrain optics in a portable package.


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