The supernova next door

Eta Carinae’s massive eruptions warn the superstar’s explosive destruction may come sooner than suspected.

Online extra: A conversation with John Martin

Get the lowdown on Eta Carinae”s mysteries from astronomer John Martin.

The first new world

When William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 – the first planet found since antiquity – he opened a frontier astronomers are still exploring.

Online extra: The Herschel astronomers

Three members of the Herschel family are giants among those who laid the foundation of today”s astronomical knowledge.

Saturn’s sweet surprises

New rings, long-lost spokes, and methane lakes highlight the Cassini spacecraft’s latest discoveries at Saturn.

Online extra: Saturn on display

Cassini”s cameras continue to perform magic at the ringed planet — although they can”t overshadow a terrific new Hubble movie.

Illustrated: Anatomy of a ringed planet

Saturn’s beauty comes at a cost – and it’s the moons that pay.

Explore forgotten Scorpius

To spice up your summer observing, zero in on these often overlooked deep-sky gems.

Online extra: Forgotten Scorpius

Use this Autostar tour with your computerized Meade telescope.

How I discovered digital astroimaging

An experienced skyshooter trades in film for pixels – and opens up a new world.

Rebirth of a classic: the Porter Garden Telescope

One of the last century’s most-celebrated small telescopes is set to make a comeback.


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