Tales from the dark side

Dark energy powers the accelerating universe and pervades space, but no one knows what it is.

Online extra: Dark energy: a quirk of gravity?

Large-scale flaws in general relativity could mimic dark energy’s effects.

A wrinkle in space-time

Peering into the Big Bang’s earliest moments is every cosmologist’s dream. Detecting gravitational waves will make it a reality.

The universe is in the details

The intersection of astronomy and particle physics holds the answers to some of the universe’s most exciting questions.

Online extra: Particle astrophysics preview

The coming year will be an exciting one for the field of particle astrophysics.

Faster than a speeding bullet

Superman would be hard-pressed to match the speed of most objects in space.

How to observe exploded stars

Massive stars die in fantastic style. Their remains form spectacular telescopic sights.

Yankee digital dandy

Yankee Robotics’ new CCD camera combines maximum sensitivity and low noise at a great price.

Glimpse the great ring of fire

On September 22, shadow-chasers will trek south to view an annular eclipse of the Sun.

Online extra: All about solar eclipses

Whether partial, total, or annular, a solar eclipse offers spectacular sights and a chance to practice your observing skills.

Big results from a small package

Tele Vue’s TV-60is offers easy high-resolution astroimaging.