The hot, violent world of galaxy clusters

It’s a muddle in the middle. The gas in the center of galaxy clusters isn’t as cool as expected. Something is heating it, but what?

Cycle of the Sun

Every 11 years, the Sun’s magnetic field bottoms out, reverses, and rebuilds. Scientists are beginning to understand why.

Neighborhood secrets

Can astronomers learn the origin and fate of the universe by examining stars next door?

Catch the galactic carnival

The universe has spawned galaxies in many shapes and sizes, and backyard scopes let you sample all types of them.

Fireworks on the Fourth

On July 4, Deep Impact will blow a hole in Comet Tempel 1. Don’t miss it.

Newton’s universe

A veteran astrophotographer captures the cosmos with Canon’s Digital Rebel.

Telescopes 101

Fifteen things you need to know before buying a telescope.

Easy imaging for everyone

Meade’s Deep Sky Imager slashes the cost of skyshooting and makes photographing the night sky a snap.


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