The year in astronomy

Water in Mars’ past, a comet flyby, and the first Neptune-size exoplanets yet — these and other astronomy stories made headlines in 2004.

Second light

Although the first stars born after the Big Bang are long gone, astronomers hope to find a few remaining relics of the second generation.

NASA’s visionary

Director of NASA’s Astronomy and Physics Division, Anne Kinney has gone from small-town Wisconsin to big-time extragalactic space exploration.

Lucifer’s planets

Astronomers have detected two small planets, roughly Neptune’s size, orbiting normal stars. They could be ice-giant planets or rocky super-Earths — the first seen outside our solar system.

Lure of the Pleiades

This beautiful star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters, has captivated human imagination throughout history, but figuring out what’s going on in this region of space takes top-notch science.

Coronado’s Personal Solar Telescope

Offering fantastic views of the Sun at a great price, this may be the solar scope you’ve dreamed about.

Orion’s IntelliScope XT10

This 10-inch telescope sells for less than $700 and has a Dobsonian mount that accepts a computerized object locator.


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