The music of the spheres

Space is alive with the “sound” of solar flares, black holes, and even the Big Bang.

In search of the first stars

Detecting the first stars will help astronomers unlock secrets of the infant universe.

The man who doubled the sky

In 1833, John Herschel’s family name took him to South Africa to map the southern sky, and his determination made him a legend.

Odd worlds

From near Earth to beyond Pluto, binary asteroids are everywhere in the solar system.

Comet’s tale

Astronomy takes you from a comet’s nucleus to the complex interactions in its dust and gas tails.

Explore winter’s overlooked nebulae

Glowing gas clouds scattered along the Milky Way offer challenges for backyard observers.

Around the universe with a 3-inch scope

Under a dark sky, even a small telescope reveals the wonders of the cosmos.

The eyepiece that changed observing

Tele Vue’s introduction of the Nagler eyepiece 25 years ago started a revolution in high-quality optics.

Follow the daytime star

Set up this simple solar viewer, and you’re sure to attract a crowd.


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