Quest for a living universe

How do you search for extraterrestrial life when you don’t know what it will look like? Some conditions for life may be universal, but the telltale signs of life’s existence may not be that obvious.

Titan touchdown

The Huygens probe plunged into the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan, showing Titan is a complex world with an intriguing landscape and possible flowing liquids.

Darker than the night

Astronomers are scrambling to figure out galaxies that produce so few stars, and glow so dimly, they nearly disappear into the night sky. Amazingly, these oddballs could outnumber “normal” galaxies ten to one.

Seeking the first galaxies

The Hubble Space Telescope’s million-second stare into space is our deepest look at the universe, but astronomers disagree over what it shows. Some argue it includes the earliest galaxies

Sharper photos with film

Reports of the death of film for astrophotography are exaggerated, so don’t sell your single-lens reflex camera yet. Digital technology can help you create high-quality celestial images caught on film.

Binoculars under $100

Sometimes, observing is best with both eyes open. Binoculars are a great first step into astronomy — learn how to choose a model that’s right for you at a price you can’t resist.


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