Spirit lands at Gusev

NASA’s twin rovers made perfect landings on the Red Planet. Join the rover named Spirit in Gusev Crater as it searches for evidence of water in the martian past.

Envisioning Mars

Dutch artist Kees Veenenbos combines geographical software with the precisely measured topography of Mars to produce eerily beautiful scenes of Mars today and possibly in the past.

The lost years of Michael Turner

As an auto mechanic, Michael Turner analyzed car parts to figure out how a car runs. Now,as one of the world’s leading cosmologists, he analyzes elementary particles to figure out what makes the universe run.

Jupiter at its best

Confused about the belts, bands, and other features on the king of planets? This in-depth guide to Jupiter’s atmosphere will help you plan your telescope time and become a better observer.

When astrophotos go bad

Astrophotography can be tricky, and even the best imagers can make mistakes. Learn from one expert’s experience how to avoid common miscues.

Choosing a star atlas

The sky is full of thousands of beautiful objects to observe. But which should you pick and how? The first step is choosing a star atlas that’s right for you.

Konus’s new Mak-Cass

Looking for a new telescope? This moderately priced new scope from Konus offers quality optics and construction – and an additional eyepiece holder.


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