Quasars Explained

Four decades ago, the discovery of these astoundingly bright, compact, and distant objects shook the foundations of astronomy. Find out what scientists have learned since then, and what mysteries remain.

When Stars Explode

The universe creates a supernova either when a massive star exhausts its fuel or a tiny star accumulates too much.

Stalking Cosmic Explosions

In 1997, one of astronomy’s long-standing mysteries was solved. Discover how scientists finally tracked down the location of a gamma-ray burst, one of the most fleeting moments in astronomy.

Celestial Portraits: Lepus and Columba

At the feet of Orion the Hunter, the territory of the Hare and the Dove contains a varied quarry of galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae.

The Sky’s Top 10

If you trace a well-worn path between the same deep-sky objects every time you observe, see how your favorites compare with those chosen by Astronomy.com visitors.

Test-driving Meade’s LX90

The LX90’s splendid optics and steadfast technology form a successful union with a moderately priced scope.


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