The Ice Age Returns

An experimental cooling system installed by spacewalking astronauts has returned Hubble’s NICMOS camera to the picture of health.

Beyond Cosmos

Twenty-two years after Carl Sagan’s landmark series created billions of new astronomy enthusiasts, our understanding of the cosmos has undergone radical change.

The Artists Behind the Wonder

The creative minds who conceived and executed the visual effects in COSMOS played no small part in that series’ tremendous impact.

Using Lasers to Detect E.T.

Radio has long been the method of choice when it comes to searching for extraterrestrials. Now some researchers believe advanced species might communicate with lasers.

Have Scope, Will Travel

For those who desire tack-sharp views from a telescope that’s a breeze to transport to a dark-sky site, you won’t go wrong with the new Tele Vue 76 refractor.

Celestial Portraits: Horologium, Reticulum, and Caelum

This trio of southern constellations offers a nice variety of distant galaxies for backyard observers with a medium-aperture telescope.


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