Moving Right Along

The discovery that dark energy is causing the universe’s expansion to accelerate has turned cosmology on its head.

Classrooms Look to the Stars

The Telescopes in Education program is bringing big-time astronomy to thousands of students across the United States.

Edward and Mina

Harvard College Observatory scientist Edward C. Pickering had to look as far as his maid to find the perfect astronomical computer – Williamina Fleming.

Two for One Messier Viewing

Get a bonus as you track selected bright deep-sky objects and find obscure, challenging, and amazingly distant objects lined up beside them.

The Scoop on Italian Scopes

A quartet of stylish telescopes from Konus offers portability and power for deep-sky and planetary observers.

Close Encounters with Satellites

Strange tales of things that go streak at night are explained clearly by extraordinary Earth satellites.

Celestial Portraits: Hercules and Serpens Cauda

The Hercules Cluster and Eagle Nebula frame two star groups that also hold many galaxies.


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