Who Will Inherit the Universe?

Given a million years, an advanced civilization might be able to harness the power of a star – or galaxy – to accomplish extraordinary things.

Outer Space Laws: Who’s Gonna Make ‘Em?

From quarrels over mineral rights on other worlds to pickpockets aboard a space station, the heavens cry out for the creation of space laws.

Target Earth

Although the odds are remote that Earth will be hit by a large piece of cosmic flotsam or jetsam, the consequences would be devastating.

The Perfect Storm

Preliminary reports confirm that the 2001 Leonid meteor shower left an indelible impression on anyone who saw it.

To “Go-To” or Not to “Go-To”?

The question for backyard observers is whether computerized telescopes enhance the learning process or replace an essential understanding of the sky.

Collecting Space Stuff

Books, toys, autographs, and even vintage telescopes – space memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes. Try these tips for starting or expanding your collection.

Celestial Portraits: Monoceros and Pyxis

They may not be the most prominent constellations in the sky, but the Unicorn and Compass offer enough sparkling clusters and vivid nebulae to please any observer.


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