Cosmic Inflation Comes of Age

The key event of the early universe seems to be coming into clear focus, some 20 years after its existence was proposed.

Inflation Minifeatures

Get ready to explore eternal inflation and the origins of the universe, quintessential inflation, a pyrotechnic universe, and the search for a theory of everything.

Comet Borrelly’s Dark Nature

The intrepid explorer Deep Space 1 has given astronomers the most detailed images ever of a comet’s nucleus.

Protecting the Past: Is Time Travel Possible?

The world’s most celebrated physicist separates fact and fiction relative to one of the oldest scientific curiosities in the books.

Quenching the Sun’s Fire

Planning a trip to Australia or Africa to see this December’s total solar eclipse will be easy and rewarding.

Celestial Portraits: Hydra

The teeth of the Hydra conceal a vast swarm of galaxies as well as double stars and nebulae.


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