Speed Matters

Astronomers have to move with the speed of Superman to keep up with gamma-ray bursts and other rapidly evolving events.

Meet the Cosmic Gambler

Poker may be astronomer Frank Shu’s game, but his passion comes in trying to understand how stars form and why spiral galaxies spiral.

Colors on the Moon?

A CCD camera can reveal subtle colors that trace the moon’s mineralogical makeup.

SETI and the Science Wars

Do humans invent or discover scientific truths? While this debate rages in the halls of academia, the question may be resolved in the most unlikely ways.

Come to the Dark Side

Set your sights on the inky black clouds of interstellar dust that scatter across the summer Milky Way.

Deja Blue?

Bushnell’s new Voyager telescope delivers gorgeous wide-field views at a bargain price in a package that will look familiar.

Stars above the Sandhills

Superbly dark skies provide a perfect backdrop for beginners and veterans alike attending the Nebraska Star Party.

Seeking Star Clusters

Although seasoned deep-sky observers often shun them, open clusters rank among the most intriguing targets – even from a light-polluted city.


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