The Beginning and the End

Hubble captures a tangled region of newly minted stars, dusty cocoons, and a massive star ready to explode.

Give Peas a Chance

The Big Bang may have given birth to our universe, but many cosmologists are asking what started the Big Bang. Some bet it was an exotic object called a pea instanton.

Architects of Time

One of humanity’s first forays into measuring time, Stonehenge laid a foundation for turning the motion of Earth into the precise clocks of today.

The Art of Skyspeak

Quick – name that bright red star in Orion. If you said Beetlejuice instead of Betelgeuse, our handy pronunciation guide will fix you up in no time.

Kids’ Corner: Crater Crazy

View the wide variety of impact craters on the moon, then take a turn at making one of your own.

Celestial Portraits: Pisces and Cetus

A watery realm of two fish and one whale offers backyard observers a smorgasbord of galaxies as well as a wonderful variable star.

Adaptive Optics Meet CCDs

Attention all telescope owners – there’s a new imaging system that self-adjusts for sky conditions and a mount’s tracking error.


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