Forging a New Solar System

With innovative techniques and an inventive mind, Gerard Kuiper led the rebirth of planetary astronomy.

Passing the Bar Exam

Our galaxy isn’t the simple spiral we’ve thought all these years: New studies prove it has a large bar running right through its center.

Neutron Stars with Attitude

When a supercharged blast of high-energy radiation washed over Earth last August, it heralded a massive starquake wracking the surface of an exotic “magnetar.”

King of the Mountain

Europe is building a huge telescope in the Chilean Andes that’s destined to be the finest in the world.

Mile-High Astronomy

While the Rocky Mountains dominate the scenery, Colorado offers wonderful skies and great astronomy destinations for the interested visitor.

Reborn Classic

Celestron’s 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope gets a face-lift, but it still provides first-rate optics in an affordable package.

Descent into Darkness

Fiery red prominences and a wispy corona will dazzle those adventurers who chase the moon’s shadow to Europe or Asia this August.

Ask Astro

We answer your questions about the science and hobby of astronomy.


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