Catching Cosmic Ghosts

So elusive they zip through Earth unscathed, neutrinos carry vital information about the sun’s core, sueprnovae, gamma-ray bursts, and other enigmatic objects.

Cosmic Flood

Forget megabytes and gigabytes – new telescopes are bringing terabytes of information to Earth. Will astronomers ever be able to study it all?


Light and color are powerful tools for astronomers. On Space Day, schoolchildren will use these same tools to learn about the process of scientific discovery.

Meet the Radio Man

John Kraus designed the landmark Big Ear radio telescope, which helped push back the boundaries of the known universe.

Celestial Portraits: Libra and Serpens Caput

Late spring brings warmer temperatures and the return of two often-overlooked constellations laden with distant galaxies and globular clusters.

A Gem for All Seasons

Fine optics and an easy-to-use equatorial mount make the new 6-inch Gem reflector from Starsplitter Telescopes an excellent choice for the serious beginner.


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