Hubble Looks Back

With more than 100,000 photos to choose from, the Hubble Heritage Program promises to deliver the most breathtaking shots ever seen.

Pursuing the Most Extreme Stars

Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, pulsars are nature’s “superstars.”

Jupiter’s Gossamer Rings

Observations from the Galileo spacecraft show that Jupiter’s ghostly rings are the dusty debris from meteoroid impacts with small jovian moons.

Planetary Face-off

Violent forces have altered the surfaces of every inner planet. Now scientists are asking whether the geological actions that shaped Earth are unique to our planet.

Good Planets Are Hard to Find

The universe is full of idyllic planets – at least in the world of Star Trek. Does this view match reality?

Kids’ Corner: Blast Off!

ASTRONOMY kicks off a new series that focuses on fun activities parents can do with their children.

Testing the Smoothest Scope in Town

The user-friendly 8-inch Portaball comes on a unique mount that makes the telescope a breeze to use.

Celestial Portraits: Eridanus and Fornax

The flowing waters of a heavenly river team up with a celestial furnace to warm these wintry nights with visions of nearby galaxies and a “witchy” nebula.

Ask Astro

We answer your questions about the science and hobby of astronomy.


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