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Join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of ASTRONOMY by participating in any of four reader competitions.

The Way Things Were – 1973

Astronomers have learned a lot in the last 25 years.

Sharpening the Stars

Adaptive optics promise to deliver images nearly as detailed as those from space.

Red Rover Red Rover

Find out the latest from Mars’s surface, where Pathfinder and Sojourner battle the elements to stay alive.

NASA’s Next Space Observatories

First there was Hubble, then the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory. Next up: observatories to explore the X-ray and infrared skies.

Celestial Navigator

Robert Burnham Jr. reached the heights with his Celestial Handbook, but his life later spun out of control.

How Stars Shine

Until the 1930’s astronomers and physicists had little idea as to what powered the sun and other stars.

Turning Familiar into Fantastic

Bored after viewing the moon or Jupiter a thousand times? Here’s how to rekindle your inital excitement.

Ask Astro

ASTRONOMY answers your questions about the universe.

In the Eyepiece of the Beholder

In a wide range of viewing challenges, Pentax’s new line of eyepieces holds its own against its competitors.

Take Me to a Star Party

Check out 1998’s star parties, which combine great observing with daylight activities for the family.


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