Explore the constellation Orion: This Week in Astronomy with Dave Eicher

Orion the Hunter dominates the winter sky — and it holds a plethora of beautiful celestial sights accessible with binoculars or a small scope.
By | Published: February 6, 2023 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
John Chumack

Hi folks, tune in every week of 2023 for the best in astronomy from Astronomy Editor Dave Eicher, brought to you by Celestron. This Week in Astronomy is a video series that covers all the latest sky events, scientific results, overviews of cosmic mysteries, and more!

This week, we’ll explore the constellation Orion the Hunter, which dominates the winter sky. Orion holds a plethora of beautiful celestial sights you can target, and many of them are accessible using a small telescope.

To find the spectacular Orion Nebula, look below Orion’s Belt where his sword hangs. Your eyes alone will see the center star as fuzzy. Binoculars help, but also reveal more fuzz. Look through a telescope, however, and you’ll never forget it. For here lies one of the showpiece celestial objects — a stellar nursery that, after being observed for hundreds of years, still has a lot to reveal.

Also don’t forget to observe the stunning stars that bedazzle the Hunter. Note the stark color contrast between ruddy Betelgeuse and blue-white Rigel. If Rigel is a diamond, Betelgeuse is like a sparkling yellow-orange topaz.

For more information on what to look for in the sky each week, visit: https://www.astronomy.com/observing/the-sky-this-week-stand-under-a-full-snow-moon/


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